Paolo Vita

more than being born

English synopsis of the Italian free book on-line "Morire bello"
the book that can help cancel death
Now available also in English, as "DYING is BEAUTIFUL"
(this synopsis first published: feb 2014; revised Feb.2016)


    Most people are scared by the idea of dying and/or are confused about the destiny of their dear ones that may have recently passed beyond:  
    Death is covered by mystery in common knowledge. We often hear that "nobody returned to tell us what there is beyond".
    Fortunately, this is not true: today we have plenty of information derived from different sources, to shed a lot of light on this subject.
    These sources are:
    Each individual source might be discussed and disregarded by skeptic observers, but the amount of reports from so many different sources, from various countries and people of so many races and languages offers such coherent information that it would be much more difficult to find a materialistic interpretation to those accounts than to accept them.
    The good news is that - contrary to the feared ideas of severe judgment, condemnation and suffering, that are commonly suggested by most religions - life in the upper spheres is much more enjoyable than the earthly one (unless one has behaved very very badly).
    This is so true that most of the resuscitated persons complained to their doctors for pulling them back to Earth.
    One "reborn" man personally wrote a book. He was so enthusiastic that he entitled it: "The story of my death. The most beautiful experience of my life".

    Many reports on this subject are summarized, with reference to their sources, in the different mentioned categories. These reports come not just from individual and occasional accounts, but also from many scientific works of psychologists and researchers from various countries,  that devoted decades of interest to this subject, collecting and analysing hundreds of accounts.

    The main conclusions of this work are:
    Several appendices, citations and links complete the work.
    This book has a preface written by Suzanne Ward: the famous writer of the book "Matthew, tell me about Heaven", that was one of the main references for its preparation.